Saturday, May 29, 2010

Operation Write Home Memorial Day Weekend Blog Hop

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend while spending time with your family and friends!
It's time for the Operation Write Home Memorial Day Weekend Bloghop and time to honor our veterans!
If you just happenend on to my blog, please start at to go through the hop! On some blogs, there will be tips, tutorials, challenges and possible blog candy, so be sure to visit as many as you can this weekend!

Here is my card for the Blog Hop:

Cardstock:  American Crafts, Stampin' Up
Pattern Paper:  DCWV
Stamp:  Fiskars
Embossing Ink:  Big and Bossy Clear
Embossing Powder:  Ranger Seafoam
Chalk Ink:  VersaMagic Ocean
Brad:  Spare Parts by The Paper Studio
Embossing Folder:  Cuttlebug Distressed Stripes
Big Shot

Here is a tip for all cardmakers:
Look at your pattern paper stock and use it in different ways.  This red, white and blue pattern paper I used actually came form a DCWV Christmas Stack!  You would never know it is Christmas paper, but it is!  Always look for fresh ways to use your paper!

How about some Blog Candy? 
I am going to offer up some 6x6 Pattern cardstock and ribbon to you!
To enter, you must join me as a follower and leave a comment on what it means to American!

If you have not made cards for our nation's armed forces, please consider doing so. 
You can find out more info at:  Operation Write Home
This is such a wonderful organization and they can always use cards. 

Thank you to all the men and women who have
sacrificed so much for our freedom! 
You will never know just how much
we appreciate the job you do!

May God Bless you all!

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  1. Comments, love your card and your tip. So often we don't "think out of the box" and only use supplies for the intended use. But your idea is perfect. TFS

    (I've become a follower)

  2. Thank you for your post! I love the TOOTB idea! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

    Have a great weekend! I am now following your blog too!
    Jessica Lynn

  3. Stephanie,
    What a great looking card.I will keep your tip in mind on the next batch of OWH I make.

  4. Beautiful card and sure doesn't look like Christmas paper..... Great job and great post

  5. Beautiful card Stephanie! The background on your blog is gorgeous too. I'm so grateful to be an American. It is such a blessing to live where I have the freedoms we are afforded by the brave men and women who give up their lives for it.

  6. Your card is great. Thank for the tip about the paper. I'll keep that in mind when I'm making my cards.

  7. Wonderful card and great tip! Who would have thought Christmas paper would work for a patriotic card?

    My blog follows Vieve's, as of Saturday afternoon she hasn't posted, feel free to link to me to keep the hop flowing. :D

    My Blog Post

  8. Cute blog I think all of us OWH members thought to pull up Red white and blue backgrounds for the blog hop but I haven't seen a duplicate yet.
    Love your card,
    God Bless,

  9. Wow...super cute card! Just my style! Love the clean lines of it! Great use of Christmas paper! ;)

    maddenmom at gmail dot com

  10. Beautiful card! And, as a military wife, let me say thank you for sharing your creativity to help bring families closer who are separated by duty.

  11. Christmas papers? No way! COOL! You definitely inspired me! :)

    Happy hopping Stephanie!

  12. This is a really handsome card! You are right. I'd never have guessed it was paper from a Christmas stack. Well done!

    Thanks for supporting OWH!

  13. How fitting that you are doing this when it seens that our country is in a mess no matter which way you turn. It restores my faith in America and most of all in Americans. I became a follower. Thank you for this opportunity

  14. That's almost a Sea blue card. Very pretty.

  15. Thanks for the tip -- I have a "kitchen stack" that has some really amazing all-purpose papers in it. Great card!

  16. Thank you for sharing your tip...great card. I am a follower.

  17. Love your card!!! And to me being American means so much!!! I'll try to name just a few....pride in our country and our freedom!!! Coming together no matter what as a Nation and supporting the men and women who fight to keep our freedom!! It means Honor,Courage and Sacrifices.....more....but
    I'll stop there ;)

  18. Awesome card just plain gorgeous.

  19. Thanks for the always need to look outside the box.....
    I am a Marine mom...and love being free!! Thanks to my son and all our service men and women!!

  20. Love your card, I've been trying to use more of my hoarded patterned papers, you have a great idea!

  21. Great card, thanks for the inspiration.

  22. I like that your card is all about the message! Everything about it compliments the sentiment! Well done!

  23. wonderful card...i'm following

    Although I've traveled my whole life and love many other countries there is a security of living here and now in the be an American full of the history of the bravest of men and women, to know today there are those who willing give themselves for my freedom of speech, right to pursue happiness, to live a life I choose, to create a life for myself and my family without's awesome to be an American.

  24. Great tip about the patterned paper. I will have to go through my stash of Christmas paper.

  25. What a fresh creative twist--thanks for the great tip!

  26. Amazing creation! Thanks for the tip on the papers...wouldn't imagine that this was Christmas paper!

    I didn't realize how much influence I had on my kids' lives until my daughter joined the service. I used go to their schools to educate the kids about voting, the political process, how bills are made into law and more. I didn't realize that I had enough influence on others so that they want to make the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country, but it makes me so proud. I'm proud to be an American!

  27. Great tip on the paper. Fun card!

  28. Love your care and yes you have inspired me.

  29. Awesome card and great tip on getting more use out of your paper!!!

  30. Wonderful card! What is means to me as an American Vet now living in Canada? I am so proud of being a part of a very young nation that has grown to become a leader of freedom around the world. Americans have such a "can do" spirit!

  31. Love your cards! Love your blog! And three cheers for Deadliest Catch . . one of my faves as well! I have had the urge to make a special card for the family of Catpn' Phil. Still haven't found just the right supplies for that one. Know what I mean? Thanks for sharing! You rock!

  32. Your card is great! What it means to me to be American is...being able to watch my children grow and make the choice they want because of the freedom that their father and others before him have fought to protect. Thank you for supporting our troops!

  33. Cute card! Thanks for the tip...sometimes we forget to look at "other" papers.

  34. Your card is beautiful! I love the embossed cardstock.

  35. I love the card - and :-D Christmas paper?!? I am going to go thru mine and see what I can find...
    thanks for sharing!

  36. I am already a follower :)

    Your card is lovely, and you are sooo right, I often think about cutting some of the paper, but I am always sooo it is too pretty to cut...but you are sooo right, and I have enough paper to fulfill half dozen scrap bookers needs for the next 20 years LOL!!
    (78 on the list)

  37. Lovely card! I'm already a follower and enjoy reading your blog.

    To me being an American means being able to enjoy freedoms that other people can't even imagine. Although our country isn't perfect, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

  38. your card is great
    thanks for offering candy... Being a vet I am all in on being cheerleader for America. Love all the freedoms that we have that other countries don't allow as well as all of our amazing destinations within our border

  39. Very nice card. Love your card. Thanks for sharing.

  40. The card is lovely :) And thanks for the reminder to not get stuck in a box regarding the paper...

  41. Great tip about the paper. I like mixing and matching different brands too. Thanks for sharing your card for Memorial Day.

  42. What does it mean to be an American? I was not born in this country, I CHOSE to be an American. So being an American is all about having freedom of choice. I thank all the men and women who are serving and especially my DH who is a disabled veteran.

    What a great blog hop!


    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  43. Guess I better go look at my Christmas stash!! Never thought of that. That's what I like about this weekend - getting so many ideas! Thanks for sharing and being apart of OWH!!

  44. I can't believe that's Christmas paper!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Happy Memorial Day!
    God Bless our Soldiers & their families!

    okj83 at live dot com

  45. Great card. You're right. I never would have guessed that it is from a Christmas stack. Nicely done.


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