Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Working Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!
It's Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the countdown to Turkey Day has begun!  I have all the fixins for dinner...turkey, 10lbs of potatoes(I will make at least 5lbs of mashed potatoes, because I have have a 19 year old mashed potato freak-LOL), gravy, broccoli, cranberry sauce, sourdough rolls and pumpkin pie!  I am just feeding the three of us, but when you have a college student who loves to eat, you have to fix a lot!  I don't fix anything ahead of time, but I might make the pumpkin pie today.  I am ready...let's do this!
I am going to be working on Christmas cards today for my sister to finish those up and then get some sewing done.  I realized yesterday, I have a few things I need to take care of quickly to get done before the end of the month!
What are you doing today?  Are you crafting, sewing, cooking or just relaxing before the big day?
30 Days of Thanks~Day 21
Today I am thankful for having all my grocery shopping done and being able to relax before I start cooking tomorrow!  It is nice not to have to run to the grocery store for any last minute things.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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