Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work Wednesday!

Hey all!  Happy Wednesday!

I started the morning early and haven't stopped since.  It has been a wacky day.  Had errands to run and had to meet my college boy to get some new shoes and stuff.  We did get to eat lunch first he said no, because he had too much to get back to campus and do, but I enticed him with some Japanese stir fry.  He cannot pass up Japanese or Chinese food!  LOL  :)

Now, I am home home, starting laundry and getting ready to start working on some more card samples. will be sewing time.  I had to run to Joann's after I ran out of the color of thread I was using last night.  UGH...unfortunately, it was a special color I was quilting with and I didn't have any more.  Of course, I was almost finished quilting when I ran our!  Murphy's Law, I guess!  LOL

Well, back to it!  Have a great day!!!!

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