Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Friday!

Happy Friday to all!
I hope your week has been a good one so far! 
It has been a busy one for me and its going to be a busy weekend also!
I wanted to share my stack of fat quarters I just received!  At our local Modern Quilt Guild meeting, we play a game called Left, Right, Center or as we call it the "Fat Quarter Game."  Participants bring three fat quarters and we roll three dice to begin with.  If the dice lands on R--you pass a FQ to the right, L--pass to left, C--FQ goes in middle of the table to the "STASH".  If you roll a Dot, you keep the FQ til next turn.  You could keep all three FQ, lose all three, or keep one or two.  So, on the next turn, if you have two FQ, you roll two dice, etc.  As the continues around the table, we all stand and oooh and awww at the fabric and whose losing it and gaining it!  It is quite a fun game.  At the end, the person who ends up with the last FQ, wins the stash of fabric!  WooHoo!  We always have a theme of colors and this month was neutrals--mainly solids--white, gray, tan, brown, etc!  Guess what!  I won!  So now, I have 27 FQ's to add to my fabric stash!  I was so happy, because I do not have a lot of the neutral colors.  Yes, I have white and gray, but I did not have some of the browns, creams and tans and I love the three prints that one person brought.  I think I may just have to make a quilt with just this group of fabric!  It could be a really fun quilt!
Hope you all have a Fun, Fantastic Friday!


  1. Lucky lady.... I like the prints too

    1. Thanks Lawana! It was anice surprise add to my stash! Woohoo!


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