Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Burp Cloths

Good Monday morning to you!

I wanted to show you the Baby Burp Cloths that I made for my sister recently.  I just mailed these to her, along with a baby quilt that you will see soon.  She just received them on Saturday, along with a new baby quilt and absolutely loves them!  These were very easy to make using cloth diapers, cotton batting and some fabric scraps.

 I just measured the length of these diapers and cut and pieced my fabric for each one. I cut my batting just about a 1/4 inch shorter and folded it over the fabric and ironed the sides down, then pinned and stitched the edges with some decorative stitching.  That's all!  It was a very easy and quick project and a very nice way to spruce up those cloth diapers!

I do apologize for the pictures of each one.  When I took them, I didn't realize the towel they were laying on was so close in color. It was a light blue, but it looks white in the picture.
 Anyway, I hope I have inspired you to make your next baby shower gifts!

Have a great day!

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