Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday!
It's starting out to be a very rainy day today.  We have needed some rain, but I don't think we needed this much at one time.  Oh, well!  After today, the weather is supposed to be great with lower temperatures...it is going to feel more like fall!
Here is a simple quilt top that I have not quilted yet.  It is supposed to be a Potato Chip pattern quilt, but I changed it up a little and just did the squares and put sashing in between.  This is a quilt for my son, who like some of our family, is a NC Tar Heels fan.  At one point, he wanted to go to college there, but ended up staying here in TN.  I still wanted to make him a quilt and I started this one almost two years ago.  Then, I got it back out to piece together and then never quilted it because I got busy with other projects.  Imagine that!  I am thinking about getting it out again and quilting it very soon.  I would like to give it to him one of these days!  LOL

So, how many quilt tops do you have finished, but not quilted? 
I have five right now I can think of!  I know that is bad, so I am going to try to do something about all those!  LOL  I also have blocks that were put together from several online bees and one from our guild that I participated in and need to sew those together.  I have four sets of those and then they need to be quilted.  Ugh...I need to get this stuff done, but I have got to make time to do them! 
Let me know how your unfinished projects are going!
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Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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