Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!  It's Tuesday!  Time for a little talking time! 
What part of quilting or sewing are you passionate about? 
For me, I am passionate about the whole entire process of quilting.  From the concept of a project or just the site of a particular fabric I have to have, the passion starts there.  If I have a particular project in mind, then I go on the hunt for fabric, if I don't already have what I need.  We don't ever have what we need though, do we?  LOL  That's why we have to buy fabric!  :)  Sometimes, I see a particular fabric and think "That would be perfect for a purse, quilt, baby quilt, etc." and sometimes I see fabric and just know that it will become something beautiful at some point. 
Anyway, I am very particular about every part of putting a quilt together.  From cutting, to piecing the quilt top, I just love this process of seeing it come together.  I have learned so much in the past few years.  Cutting correctly and learning to sew the 1/4" seam straight and correctly are so important to make your project turn out well.  I am a bit of a perfectionist on this, so it sometimes take me a while on a project, because I take my time.  I make mistakes all the time, but I have learned to live with the small ones and the ones I can't, I redo if possible.
I also take a lot of time to sandwich and baste a quilt, because I learned early on, that puckers can happen easily.  Now, I just take time to pin, pin, pin!  I pin baste with curved pins.  I do not like spray basting, as I think it does not hold well and I think it gunks up your sewing machine.  Pin basting does take time, but I love the outcome.
As far as quilting goes, I love quilting.  Most all the projects I have done have been lap/throw size or baby quilts.  I have never made a queen or king size quilt to date and I am not sure how I would handle doing that on my machine.  I have only had two quilts quilted by a long arm quilter and they were special quilts.  All others I have done myself.  I do a lot of straight line quilting, because I love the clean lines.  I am now practicing to do more free motion quilting, but this takes a lot of practice.  I do OK with stippling, but I still need to learn the movement and speed better to have better results.
I also love the finishing of the quilt with binding.  I love binding!  I know some people hate it, but I have learned to do it well and I do it on my machine.  I have never done hand binding and do not plan to.  I am a modern quilter and that is how I roll!  LOL  I use a feather stitch, as some called it, to do my binding, because I like to be different.  I also use lots of pins in the process of binding, so that I don't have problems with it not staying in place while I am sewing. :)
Here is some my pin basting!
Here is one of the quilts I had quilted by a long arm quilter. I wanted a citrus pattern to go along with the fabric. This is my personal quilt and it lays across the foot of my bed for now and I use it to snuggle with. I love it! You can also see the binding I did.
Here is an example of my free motion quilting.  I did this on a t-shirt wall hanging.  I am using this project as an example of t-shirt quilts.  You can see my binding method here also!

Here is an example of my straight line quilting. 
This is a patriotic wall hanging and I did wash it so it would be crinkly.
Here is another example of straight line quilting on the diagonal. 
This project is also a wall hanging with my favorite colors of aqua blue, bright pink and lime green. 
It is going to hang in my sewing room!

As you can see, I just love the process of quilting from beginning to end!
Tell me what part of quilting you are passionate about.  I would love to hear all about it!
"Our passions are the true phoenixes;
when the old one is burnt out, a new one rises from its ashes."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Have a Happy Tuesday!

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